All American Geotechnical has been providing geotechnical services since 1994.  We specialize in light commercial and residential geotechnical assessments which include; slope stability studies, full geotechnical reports, and other geologic and hydrogeologic services.  

All American Geotechnical has provided expert testimony.

Our reports are designed to satisfy civic and county requirements in all of Washington State.  
Meet The Team
Curtis D Cushman is a Licensed Engineering Geologist and Geologist in the state of Washington and a Professional Geologist in the state of Idaho.  He has been doing geotechnical work since 1990, prior to that he worked in mineral exploration.  His extensive experience includes: drilling, field mapping, field work, laboratory analysis and materials testing, slope stability studies, expert witness, as well as geophysics.  

Blaise Jelinek EIT graduated in 1996 from Montana Tech in Geological Engineering, specializing in hydrogeology.   He has designed, built, and operated treatment systems for removing hydrocarbons from water.   He has conducted geotechncial and geological investigations in Washington since 2000.